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…And You Will Know Us By the Trail Of Dead / The Faint Brighton Pavilion Theatre, 8th February 2002

Head still buzzing from last night's stupendous Astoria TOD experience, Kitten heads down to Brighton for a second helping of impeccably dressed, ear-tingling ROCK. Passing the Pavilion Theatre, the strains of a soundcheck in progress can be heard. There's a sign on the door saying '5pm: Soundcheck. 7pm: Hot Meal.' Good to know the bands are eating properly. Hope they're changing their socks and brushing their teeth.


kick it!
In the pub there's excitement all round, as the Trailies are on the guest-list for fab gear 60's night Action A-Go-Go (tagline, 'not as good as the Bubblegum Factory used to be') and there's much talk from the kidz who dj of staying up all night drinking Texan Rockers under the table. Don't do it children! A sweepstake gets underway as to which local is most likely to 'get off' with a member of the band. Someone cleverly points out that just because a band is on a guest-list it doesn't mean they're actually coming to the club. Unless of course it's a magic guest-list and anyone who's on there will magically appear, in which case can they put Thurston Moore down. Nobody here is actually coming to the gig, mind. Kitten abandons all hope for today's youth, and leaving them fantasising into their pints, trips along to the Pavilion Theatre.
nodding furiously What a ruddy marvellous place, small but perfectly formed, with a nice low stage against which Kitten positions herself for the night's proceedings. The Faint do their 80s thumpathon thang some of which is starting to grow on Kitten. Hang on, who's this little black-clad bloke in the crowd, rockin' along legs akimbo? Why, 'tis Jason Reece nodding his head furiously to the retro electro hum. There goes Kevin Allen beetling out the door in his big black specs and over by the bar is the great Everett True. Woo. In between bands, Kitten is thrilled to hear the ace 'Baby's on Fire' by Marc Riley and the Creepers, something she's only ever heard before on her cronky old recorded-off-John-Peel-on-the-radio-in-1986 cassette.
set list
Trail Of Dead are, of course, splendid, a maelstrom of ringing, howling guitars and hyper drumming. They're wearing different clothes (what nice clean boys), but it's the same set as last night, although the atmosphere seems more relaxed. Conrad says afterwards that last night they had loads of things to think about whilst tonight has been more fun. Right at the front, staring up Conrad's nose, Kitten can see the bands shoes and everything (Conrad's: v. shiny) and has to dodge Jason's guitar neck when he comes hurtling over to stick it into the monitor. At one point he tips himself into the crowd to be briefly passed aloft. Kevin, meanwhile, is smoking up a storm, an evil cloud forming over his head and drifting across the stage. There are more general shenanigans, rolling on the floor, kicking of guitars, although the songs are still all very together. Kitten whips the setlist from the monitor during the last song, to display for your viewing pleasure:
staring up Conrad's nose Even better, as a guitar slides over and crashes to the floor, a plectrum pings out across the stage and into Kitten's gleeful paws. At the end, Jason pushes the drums over, but there's not a lot of destruction, which means, gasp! after some minor repairs, they're able to return for a stomping encore of 'Prince With A Thousand Enemies'. Kitten is in TOD heaven. The last thing she hears before sailing off into the night back to the pub for last orders is Conrad inspecting a flyer for Action A-Go-Go, 'Students!?'
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