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Aah records...big ones (remember that indie thing when 12"s were the devil?), little ones (five inchers - bless), fat ones (that extra thick vinyl - yummy!), skinny ones (flexis that go flip, flap, wurble), shiney ones (grudging nod to cds), coloured ones (The Lollies' cranberry coloured 'Channel Heaven' - impossible not to lick) and ones with pictures on (it's kind of disconcerting dropping the needle onto 'The Holy Bible' with the Manics staring mournfully up at you). We all love them (unless we're some kind of freak). Bands send me their records. I listen to them. Then I write down whatever pops into my head. And I call it a review. Simple.

For those of you who like to cut to the chase and just read the last line of a review to get the gist without all the preceding wordy flim-flam, Kitten Painting is proud to present Roget’s Random Review Generator (RRRG). Through the magic of opening Roget’s Thesaurus at random and picking the first three words to catch the eye, RRRG will sum up the record in a pithy three-word statement. Bands are welcome to use these statements on press releases, ads, etc. Mark E. Smith is welcome to use these statements as lyrics.

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Kelman - Is This How It Ends?
My Sad Captains - Bad Descisions
The Lodger - Grown-Ups
Psychedelica Volume 2
Freeheat - Back On The Water
The Butterflies oF Love - Famous Problems
The Loves - Technicolour
The Violets - Foreo
Sarabeth Tucek - Something For You
Various - Future Love Songs
The Butterflies Of Love - Orbit Aound You/In A Blizzard In A Lighthouse

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Age Of Jets – Go Go Gadget Pop
The A-Lines LP

Blue Skies Up: Welcome To The New Pop Revolution


Cannonball Jane - Street Vernacular
Cannonball Jane - Take It To Fantastic
The Chemistry Experiment - The Melancholy Death Of...


Daydream Nation -Daydream Nation / Bella Vendetta

Elizabeth Harper - Elizabeth Harper

Fiel Garvie - Leave Me Out Of This

Kelman - Loneliness Has Kept Us Alive

Luxembourg - best kept secret

Merchandise - LoTech Solutions To Hi-Tech Problems
Magoo - Pop Songs
Milky Wimpshake - Popshaped
MisterLee - Night Of The Killer Longface
The Motorpool - X-Ray Eyes

Nutronstars - Melody Rules Everything

The Relationships - Scene

Smashing Orange - 1991
Spider - The Way To Bitter Lake

Tender Trap - Six Billion People

Various - The New Cross: An Angular Sampler
Various - Psychedelica Vol. 1
Rip Off Your Labels : More Angular Product
Vermont - Ten Random

The Would-Be-Goods - The Morning After


Age Of Jets - RPM
Angels Fight The City - Like A Dog
The Ape Drape Escape - 200 Angry Bikers Automation - Hate Sound

The Bank Holidays - Day For Night E.P.
Bearsuit - Chargr
Black Ramps - Shark Attack e.p.
The Boyfriends / The Long Blondes E.P.
Bricolage - Footsteps / Flowers of Deceit

Champion Kickboxer - Like Him & Her & Her & Me
The Chemistry Experiment - The Interstellar Autumn EP

Dedalus / Politik - Split E.P.
Dirtblonde - The Hangmen
Dogbox Records Download Singles

Electric Cinema - Heat Exchange

Fanfarlo - Talking Backwards
The Fog Band - The Law Of The Sea
Fortuna Pop - More Soul Than Wigan Casino
The Fucks - E.P. One

Go Rimbaud – Songs In Bad Taste
The Gresham Flyers - Shiftwork

Kelman - The Heart Is A Useless Ally

Le Tetsuo - I Understand If You Speak Slowly
The Lodger - Let Her Go
The Lodger - Watching / Not So Fast
The Lodger - 3 Track Demo
The Long Blondes - Separated By Motorways
The Long Blondes - Appropriation (By Any Other Means)
The Long Blondes - Giddy Stratospheres
The Long Blondes - New Idols
The Loves- Xs and Os
luxembourg - what the housewives don't tell you
Luxembourg - Luxembourg vs. Great Britain (download)
Luxembourg - Luxembourg vs. Great Britain (actual record!)
Luxembourg- We Only Stayed Together For the Kids

Manic Cough - Lips & Hips
Miss Pain - Heartbraker / Caught My Eye
Miss Pain - E.B.F.H.

Perfect Blue - Sunshine E.P.

The Retro Spankees - My Sonic Driver

The Sweethearts - Blue Skies / Rainy Skies
Swimmer One - Largs Hum

The Tamborines - Sally O'Gannon/Be Around
The Tamborines - What Took You So Long
The Telescopes - Hungry Audio Tapes

The Violets - Descend/Carnival
The Violets - Mirror Mirror

Wintergreen - Clockwork Mice
The Waxworks Waltz - Death Ray

Yellow Stripe Nine - Trouble With Girls

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