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T he Long Blondes – New Idols (Thee Sheffield Phonographic)
Champion Kickboxer – Like Him & Her & Her & Me

What is it about slabs of coloured plastic that’s so delicious? Thee Sheffield Phonographic are to be congratulated for producing these two thoroughly lickable records, one pink, one white. Put them together and it looks like a big slab of coconut ice or one of those chewy drumstick lollies, mmmm…

The Long Blondes are presented on pink blancmange coloured vinyl which unfortunately is scratched to buggery, unless all that skipping and repeating is an art-rock joke?
Starting with an echoey 50s / JAMC (choose your era) drumbeat, ‘New Idols’ skids along with a disarming lightness of touch. Guitars clink and ping cheerily and the vocals are more mellifluous and less Sioux-strident than on other LBs tracks. It sounds like hearing The Selector skronking from your radio as you shake out yer cornflakes and you momentarily cheer up as you forget that you haven’t done your homework. Anyway, apparently there are only 500 copies and it’s selling like something popular that lots of people want to buy. You might be too late, but buy, buy, buy at

RRRG: Indisposed laughable purple hearts

Now Champion Kickboxer are quite a different kettle of oddness. Their’s is a ponderous, mournful tune in which chimes and tinkly bells flicker whilst circling harmonies chase each other in ever decreasing circles to disorientating effect. This creates the sensation of standing in a cave full of stalactites and dripping things which is not a million miles from the eerier moments on Super Furries’ ‘Mwng’. Leaves you with a lingering sense of disquiet.

RRRG: Vanishing loathsome cliffhanger

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