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Fonda 500 / Edible 5ft Smiths / Kid Samson
The Spitz June 15th 2002

Kid Samson all look really gonky. Geography students revolt! They burst into some serious jingley-jangleyness. S'like 1986 all over. Like when 'Happy Hour' was a groovy little number and not the behemoth of irritation it became when The Housemartins hit big. Okay, I've got Housemartins on the brain 'cos tonight is an all-Hull line-up, courtesy of new-record-launching headliners Fonda 500. Meanwhile, Kid Samson are becoming more deranged with vocals through a loud hailer and a speccy bloke woobling on theremin.

becoming more deranged
Remember when you used to tape Happy Mondays off John Peel because of their name, and no-one outside Manchester knew who they were? Well another song has that groove with kind of Pete Shelley vocals. I catch bits of lyrics, 'University don't seem that special to me', 'I don't give a damn, we lost to West Ham', 'Buy one get one free'. They trip merrily along with mentalist theremin shrieking, a thundering groove with shouty vocals and wibbly beeps, quite cosy wig out fizzing indie, but still rather lovely. Kid Samson are Fonda 500's scrabbly offspring. A terrible inevitability, quake in your boots.
Argh! What's happening? The Edible 5ft Smiths are a guitarist down. A man with long tangley hair sings in a lovely falsetto, then tells us he's not playing his own guitar which he kicks offstage. Kitten considers sidling out the door with it. Clad in rock gear of short leather skirt and skull top, Bod from Fonda 500 plays keyboards, jumps about and shakes a star-shaped tambourine. It looks ace when she shakes it fast in a blur. They play a) a sweet slowish song b) a noisy hair waving thrash, c) a jangley pop song d) a jumpalong bordering-on-Wonderstuff cheez song. It's all a bit confusing. The band is all a bit confused. The singer asks if it's time they were off. They decide to play an old song. Bod gets off the stage. It's a shouty song. It fizzles out. Bod comes back, they play another. What's going on? Argh!
is it time we were off?
Fonda 500 in relatively sensible shock! Bod has changed into a Fonda-complementing sixties dress. Singer Simon is hungover and suffering. Amusing quips are scarce. Mad wibbling is restrained. The songs shine through all the more. 'Super Chimpanzee' kicks things off with its 'su, su, su super' beginning and chantalong 'S to the U to the P to the E…' middle. Woo! Another song sounds like 'Self Preservation Society' There is stomping 'Razzmatazz' era Pulp disco fizz and plinky plonky toytown drone rock wonder. There's the fab new single 'Computer Freaks Of The Galaxy'. Scattered here and there are random hollers from Simon of those '80s soundbites, 'Sex and money are the new Gods!' and 'Tonight thank God it's them instead of you!' This is insanely amusing. mad wibbling is restrained
Towards the end they play a song that makes you feel like you're dancing to the incidental music that used to be played on tv before the next programme for schools came on. When you sat and watched that clock counting down. Usually when you were off sick rather than when you were actually at school watching tv. It's fantastic. This is what we need. A bit of Fonda 500 is what we all need. Tonight thank God it's us instead of them.
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