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Electric Eel Shock - Cargo, 21 January 2003

Yanks playing scuzzy, bluesy garage? Yeah, yeah, yeah we’ve seen that. The Antipodean invasion? So 2002, baby. Wake up and smell the saki. It’s time to get yer teeth into a filling-loosening chunk of Japanese ROCK!

Meet Electric Eel Shock – three manga cartoon characters who’ve come to shake their thang in the name of Anglo-Japanese schlock ‘n’ roll relations. A band that can induce tears (in a good way) with the rockosity of their soundcheck. There’s At The Drive-In Shockie, all finger-in-socket afro, goggle-eyed freaking, shrieking and leaping; Ramones Shockie, floppy mopped, legs akimbo bass a-swingo and Red Hot Chilli Shockie, three words: strategically placed sock.

Japanese ROCK!
There’s some mighty fine hollerin’ in the garage-rock stylee du jour, big fat dugga dugga Blue Cheer chordage and double-sticked drumming, fistfuls of drumsticks flailing like v-signs. But this band you really gotta see for yourself, Kitten won’t always be there for you. Cheer! As Ramones Shockie triumphantly holds his bass aloft over his Johnny-cut at the end of every song. Squeak! As Red Hot Chilli Shockie rises from his drum stool in rock fervour then does a bit of dusting. Whoop! As ATD-I Shockie pulls all manner of bendy legged open mouthed contortions and pretends to be throttled by the er, ‘V’ end of his Flying-V, bouncing it off the ground. Be charmed! And alarmed! As the band chat to their audience. ‘You know email? Email?! Sex, drugs and EMAIL!'
mighty fine hollerin’

This is rock ‘n’ roll charisma. This is the bumper book of ROCK moves. This is hilarious, thunderous, exhilarating. This is exactly what you want on a grim night of biblical rain in a Shoreditch bar that in all seriousness offers ‘street food’. It makes you want to kick over the silly little stools fashioned from chopped up telegraph poles and chuck the ‘heyy we’re soo louche’ cushions about. Don’t you wanna scream and shout? Oh Yeah.

freaking, shrieking and leaping
bumper book of rock moves
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