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The Cribs / Comet Gain - 100 Club May 2004

Round One: The Cribs play a kick off yer jim-jams, wake up call of a set slap bang in the middle of Pow! To The People. What was that?
Round Two: Gary Crib nominates Comet Gain’s ‘Realistes’ as his fave underrated record. Oh yes, this man has taste. ‘Elephant’ is deemed over-rated, ‘If I want to listen to songs influenced by that whole stripped back blues thing I’d much sooner play The Gossip’. Hey The Cribs - I like your style.
Round Three: I buy The Cribs album. You know when you’re a kid and you keep playing your fave pop song over and over and you get excited about going home to listen to it some more? It’s like that.

So here we are at the 100 Club where Gary’s wearing his Comet Gain-shaped heart on his sleeve, getting his heroes in as support. David Feck and his gang of giggling reprobates charge headlong into a rollercoasting set of pop wonderousness. Sometimes they’re not sure if they can remember how songs go. Sometimes they’re making it up as they go along. It doesn’t matter, they’re still 10,000 times more vital than er…anything really. This is pop as a way of life, fizzing through your bloodstream as you run for the bus. Feck yeah!

The Cribs have got to follow that now. Here are Gary and Ross ready to go, but no Ryan. Cue irritated swearing at the missing brother.

You can't hide yr Comet Gain shaped love forever
Ooh, he's a one He seems like a bit of a one does Ryan. During the set he continually loose-canons around the stage into Gary, tips a can of lager down his throat in one almighty gulp and admonishes the audience (who are being very London) for not dancing. Whilst Ryan slithers about in a pool of lager, Ross opts to clamber atop the bass-drum before throwing in his party piece of like, standing on the drum-stool to play. Meanwhile Gary seems to be attempting to maintain some kind of control over proceedings, cutting a comparably restrained figure amidst this three way brotherly love-in/ruck.
Kicking off with the tumbling ‘The Lights Went Out’ with it’s supremely nagging chorus, the enthusiastic momentum of The Cribs’ music rolls us rattling through a short, sweet set of short, sweet pop. ‘You Were Always The One’ always summons up visions of that Freddy & The Dreamers performance on Blue Peter where Freddy does that silly kicking up his heels dance, before serenading Petra the dog. This is obviously exactly the kind of thing a pop song should be summoning up. When done well, sing-along scrabbly pop hammered out by scruffy, greasy-mopped indie monkeys is a very fine thing and The Cribs’ are perfect for the moment with their stupid-cool moves. Gary and Ryan (showing impeccable taste in a Bangs and a Slant 6 t-shirt respectively) do the age old bruvvers-in-rock-craning-together-round-a-single-mic pose. And get away with it. Roll over Keth Moon
Greasy-mopped indie monkey

Ross is a star turn, ensuring he gets his fair share of attention with his dumb-drummer acrobatic antics. It has to be said there’s a certain Strokes-ness to the songs, ‘Things You Should Be Knowing’ being the most obvious candidate. But hey, it’s not like The Strokes invented the irresistible guitar-pop song and anyway, they’ve gone all irrelevant. The Cribs are way more fun, not least because they have the fantastic ‘Another Number’, its minimal cheeping guitar laying bare the blueprint that underlies these itchily joyous tunes.

Set closer is the mutant ‘Third Outing’ strangulated and careening into scribbly chaos, it seems like it was designed especially as a soundtrack for the brothers to fuck shit up.

Ryan rises to the challenge, shoving on a pair on new-wavetastic shades before hurling himself through the air at Ross behind his drumkit. He lands cradled in Ross’ arms like a ridiculous lager addled baby. It’s a great ending. Round Four: The Cribs rule, yeah!
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